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Our Story


HydroNation started because Emiliano, a young rock climber, didn’t like the sports drinks he had during training. They were full of sugar and chemicals, and they didn’t make him feel good. So, he decided to create something better. With the help of his parents, Emiliano came up with HydroN, a new kind of drink inspired by the refreshing drinks his family made back in Mexico. Instead of using artificial stuff, HydroN uses 100% natural ingredients like honey, sea salt, and juice from fruits and veggies. We proudly stand as the sole creators of a unique beverage experience. Our signature drink is a hydrating masterpiece, rich in electrolytes and bursting with flavor from raw honey, raw sea salt, and cold-pressed juices sourced from fresh fruits and vegetables.

At HydroNation, we believe in keeping things simple and healthy. Our drinks are made to help you feel good, whether you’re working out or just going about your day. So, if you’re looking for a drink that’s good for you and tastes great, give HydroN a try. We’re here to help you stay hydrated and happy the natural way!

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